Play Echo VR Combat for Free Before Summer Demise

Earlier this year Ready at Dawn announced that its popular multiplayer Echo VR for Meta Quest devices would be closing down. While the main Echo Arena mode has always been free-to-play, Echo VR Combat required a purchase. However, not any more, with the competitive mode now freely available.

Echo Combat

There is a small caveat to Echo Combat however, it was never natively available for Meta Quest 2. As RAD notes in a blog posting: “Starting May 2nd, we will be granting free access to Combat to everyone! The game will still only be available when running the Rift version of Echo VR, but now everyone can hop in and try out Echo Combat before August 1st.”

Echo VR

That means the only way to access Echo Combat is via a PC connection. Not too difficult thanks to Quest Link or Air Link but you do still need a compatible PC to run it. Here’s how to connect Quest 2 to a PC for more info.

In an FAQ detailing why the studio has decided on this action, the team said: “We wanted to show all our players how much we’ve appreciated their support over the past few years. Sharing this content feels like the best way to thank all the players and offer you all the ability to express yourselves.”

Additionally, Echo VR’s final season is now underway. Between 2nd May through to the server closure on 1st August players will be able to earn rewards from Echo Pass: Into the Knight. There are 80 rewards to unlock by playing either Arena or Combat – although the XP bonuses no longer apply. So you can squeeze every last drop of gameplay out in the final three months.

Are you an Echo VR fan? Are you disappointed Ready at Dawn has taken this decision? Let us know in the comments below.