Could Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase Steal Apple’s WWDC Thunder?

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) in 2023 things are heating up nicely. Apple is rumoured to be revealing its first VR headset at WWDC in June. Whilst Meta will launch Quest 3 later this year. However, before all of that, there’s the Quest Gaming Showcase in June, suspiciously only a few days before WWDC.

The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase announcement is slightly unusual because it has previously taken place in April. The fact that it is now on 1st June, only four days before Apple’s annual WWDC conference on 5th June suggests some thunder stealing is planned. Also, in a blog post Meta states the showcase: “is our biggest celebration of the depth and breadth of content across the Meta Quest Platform yet.”

Asgard's Wrath image1
Asgard’s Wrath – Oculus Rift

Quest Gaming Showcase

The main Meta Quest Gaming Showcase will take place on 1st June 2023 at 10 AM PT (6 PM BST). It’ll be viewable via Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Horizon Worlds. However, there will be a pre-show 15 minutes beforehand featuring ‘game updates and debut trailers’ to get things started.

The main event will be hosted by Oculus Studios Executive Producer Ruth Bram, totalling over 40 minutes of content. “Expect new game announcements, gameplay first-looks, updates to existing games” during that time. After the show, there will also be a developer roundtable discussing some upcoming games.

As for what some of these games might be, Meta has left what could be a clue in the Showcase trailer. Laying on the floor is a helmet, more precisely, what looks like Loki’s helmet. Indicating we could see an announcement regarding Asgard’s Wrath coming to the Quest platform. Developed by Sanzaru Games in conjunction with Oculus Studios, Asgard’s Wrath was one of Oculus Rift’s biggest adventure titles in 2019.

It was one of the best-looking games you could get for the headset at the time. So squeezing it onto Quest 2 will be a feat.

Other titles that might make the showcase roster could include Assassin’s Creed Nexus, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Some of the most exciting VR games XR Source is interested in hearing more about.

As this is a gaming showcase don’t expect to hear any more about the Meta Quest 3. That’ll likely happen at Connect around October. Although, if Apple does reveal its new, all-singing and dancing (and expensive) headset at WWDC, an early Quest 3 reveal would be exciting for the industry.

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