Myst Joins Meta Quest 1 Support Exodus

Last week Zenith: The Lost City developer Ramen VR announced that it would be dropping support for the original Oculus Quest. But it isn’t the only game to make this announcement. Cyan has said that puzzle adventure Myst will also join the Quest 1 exodus later this year.

In a statement, Cyan says that it’ll freeze support for Myst from 1st October 2023. “Due to newer Meta software updates preventing the support of new features for Quest 1 moving forward, and our desire to make sure Myst supports the latest and greatest software & hardware while continuing to update the game with new content and features, we must cease Quest 1 support in Myst on October 1st, 2023 by freezing the build of Myst available on Quest 1.”

Myst Quest 1 Exodus - image1

The Future of Myst

Currently, this means that Myst on Quest 1 will still be playable it just won’t feature any new updates. The problem with this is, if Meta changes any requirements before then, Myst may become unplayable on the headset.

As Cyan notes: “If Meta announces new requirements for what frozen builds must adhere to…the build may become completely inaccessible on Quest 1 on or after this October 1st date without advance notice like this. We do not plan for this to be the case, but we also did not previously plan to have to freeze Quest 1 support of Myst to begin with.”

It is still very much uncertain whether Myst on Quest 1 will be playable by the end of the year. Unlike Zenith: The Lost City which will be completely unplayable after 15th September 2023.

This Myst announcement doesn’t affect the Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro versions.

All of this stems from Meta’s Quest 1 announcement in January that no new features would come to the headset. Plus bug fixes and security patches would halt in 2024. Considering the original Oculus Quest was only sold for a year, replaced by the Quest 2 in 2020, the news won’t likely affect many people.

Cyan is now focused on its next puzzle title, with its Firmament PC VR debut taking place in May.

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