Tennis League VR Teaches You to Play Like a Pro

Dust off your tennis shoes and step up to the court. Developer AnotheReality and funding partner HIP have announced that Tennis League VR is coming soon to Meta Quest 2.

Designed for aspiring pros, fitness fanatics and casual joes, Tennis League VR will offer intense rallies, the triumph of landing the perfect ace, and mini-games that both train and entertain.

Players can customise their playstyle with multiple control options and learn at your own pace. Developed with the help of real tennis and sportscare professionals, the game is designed to deliver matchpoint bliss for VR players of all skill levels.

Amateur or seasoned athletes can refine their slices, topspins and lobs using real tennis techniques. The game will feature a variety of gameplay modes. Career, custom, multiplayer and the highly touted ‘Droid Rush’ mode.

Tennis League VR screenshot

Droid Rush Mode

Tennis League VR’s Droid Rush will test players’ aim as they stave off an army of robot invaders. According to AnotheReality, this mode is where tennis meets tower defense. This mode doesn’t seem too dissimilar to the block buster game featured in Rezzil Player.


Developer AnotheReality has been creating XR experiences since 2014. A number of games and technical demos, as well as enterprise works, fill the studio’s portfolio. However, Tennis League VR appears to be the studio’s first title for consumer launch on Meta Quest 2.

Tennis League VR Launch Plans

Tennis League VR is set to launch on 20th April, 2023. The game will initially be available for Meta Quest 2. A demo version is currently available via App Lab.

There are a multitude of tennis games available in VR. The likes of Sports Scramble VR and Racket Fury have already grabbed much of the attention. Indeed, surreal sci-fi tennis experience C-Smash VR is also coming soon.

Do AnotheReality have what it takes to compete? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!