Killer Frequency VR & Consoles Launch Date Announced

Team17 has announced the release date for its upcoming black comedy slasher-adventure, Killer Frequency. Developed in-house, Killer Frequency has been created for both VR and traditional formats from day one. 

The game is set during the 1980s in a Midwestern US town. A serial killer is on the loose, and Killer Frequency follows Forrest Nash, a washed-up DJ and presenter of the ‘The Scream’ late night show. Nash must attempt to help listeners and callers as they are stalked by the mysterious masked murderer. 

As the gruesome night unfolds, players will interact with callers to the show. Using a variety of conversation options, while listening carefully for clues and information, you must solve puzzles around the studio that could help prevent their grisly demise. And of course, all the while you must do your job! Keep the show going with tunes inspired by the decade. How about some Grateful Dead in there?

In Killer Frequency, death can come easy but is never assured. It’s up to you to help Forrest prevent the slaughter and discover the killer’s true identity. And keep the tunes going until dawn. 

Killer Frequency screenshot

Killer Frequency VR

As stated above, Killer Frequency has been designed for VR from day one. The previously released Killer Frequency gameplay trailer. Team17 has also revealed that the game will run on Meta Quest 2 at 72 frames-per-second, which should please many of the core VR audience.

Killer Frequency VR edition will be arriving on Steam and Meta Quest 2 on 1st June, 2023. Team17 has also revealed that console players will be able to tune in, with Killer Frequency launching on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles on the same day. 

Are you excited for Killer Frequency? Will you be playing in VR or console? Let us know in the comments below!