Rezzil Player PSVR2 Edition Announced

Rezzil has announced the upcoming release of Rezzil Player for PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2). The game does not currently have a specific release date, but will be arriving soon after launch of the device.

The PSVR2 launch date is set for next week, 22nd February 2023. A huge number of PSVR2 launch games have already been confirmed, with a number of exciting PSVR2 games set to follow over the coming months. Now, Rezzil Player joins that line-up.

Rezzil Player screenshot

Rezzil Player PSVR2

The Rezzil Player PSVR2 edition uses the features of the headset to bring a new dimension to the immersive experience. Using haptic feedback, players will feel the impact of a ball without the need for a real football. And with eye-tracking compatibility, Rezzil Player will use foveated rendering to bring the clearest picture quality possible to all players.

The game will offer a number of activities at launch. This includes the complete line-up from the popular Meta Quest 2 edition of the game. PSVR2 players will also benefit from the same in-game competitions currently offered to Meta Quest 2 and PICO 4 players. Players can enter for a chance to win cash prizes and sports kit, with the top 10 players taking home a cash prize in the monthly Pentathlon Challenge.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of Rezzil Player on PlayStation VR 2,” said Gareth Thatcher, Director at Rezzil. “Combining our virtual and physical sports training games with the power of PlayStation 5 is something we are proud of and excited to bring to a new audience.” 

As stated above, Rezzil Player will launch on PSVR2 within the official launch window. The game will be priced at $10 USD/£10 GBP/€10 EUR.  

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