SEGA Classic C-Smash VRS to be Reborn in VR

New game studio and publisher RapidEyeMovers and VR pioneers Wolf & Wood have announced the upcoming launch of C-Smash VRS. The game is a reimagining of SEGA’s iconic Dreamcast and arcade classic designed for PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) and online gameplay.

Imagine playing the ultimate larger-than-life sport that makes you feel both stimulated and relaxed. That’s the goal with C-Smash VRS. You can play alone or with a friend, all while enjoying the pulsating beats of dynamic, entrancing music.

Combining a low-gravity form of Squash with timed block-breaking challenges, the game brings together racket sports and action puzzle gameplay. Dashing and ducking from one side to the other and performing intense shots and trick smashes, players can use all walls as they journey through dozens of levels of fun and fitness.

The developers are promising smooth gameplay with mind-bending trick shots, and slow-mo’s that soon feel like second nature. The game will feature finger detection, 3D audio and haptics.

Produced and published by RapidEyeMovers and developed by Wolf & Wood, C-Smash VRS is the second collaboration between director Jörg Tittel and Wolf & Wood. Their first, The Last Worker, is the only game selected for the 78th Venice Film Festival. The Last Worker is reportedly nearing release on VR, consoles and PC. Including on PSVR2, of course.

C-Smash VRS screenshot

C-Smash VRS Soundtrack

Back to that soundtrack mentioned above, special note should be made of C-Smash VRS‘ composer. The game will feature original dynamic tracks by DJ Ken Ishii, who is highly acclaimed for hos work on Rez Infinite.

Synth master Danalogue, front man of The Comet is Coming and Soccer 96, will also feature.

 C-Smash VRS does not currently have a specific release date. However, it’s expected to arrive in the not too distant future. Let us know if it’s jumping onto your list for the most exciting PSVR 2 games to come.