The Best PSVR 2 Tips & Tricks

Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 is a great bit of VR kit with plenty of new features over its predecessor. Some of these – like the headset haptics – work right out of the box but there are plenty of settings you can tailor to your liking. So here are some of the best PSVR 2 tips we’ve found.

Best PSVR 2 Tips

The PSVR 2 is far simpler to get up and running than the PSVR, with only one wire to contend with. If you need help to set up PSVR 2 then follow this link. However, the new device has plenty of other features you may not know about, helping improve its VR experience.

Best PSVR 2 Games

Quick Menu

Don’t go hunting through system settings, instead double tap the controller’s PlayStation button to open the Quick Menu. Easy!

Finesse the Tracking

While PSVR worked well in low light conditions, the PSVR 2’s inside-out tracking works very differently. This means it works best in a nice brightly lit room for those tracking cameras to see everything.

However, you want to avoid direct, really bright sunlight as that can cause its own issues. So if the sun is streaming through the window closing the curtain/blind might help.

Or go to Settings>Accessories>PlayStation VR 2>Other>Tracking Support. This may help if you’re getting tracking issues that the above suggestions can’t help with.


This might seem irrelevant but there’s no manual volume control on PSVR 2. It’s tucked away in the menu so here’s how to find it.

Press the PlayStation Button>select ‘Sound’>Volume. Then adjust accordingly.

Side tip: If you’re using the supplied earbuds the PSVR 2 has a handy storage solution for them. Pop them into the recessed clips on either side of the headset strap.

Lens Calibration & IPD

Standing for Inter-pupillary distance (IPD), this is one of the most important settings to get right. It adjusts the width of the lenses to match your eyes, with the sweet spot ensuring you get a clear image. That sweet spot is quite small so you may need to fine-tune it. Or, if multiple people come around to have a go, you’ll need to alter it on the fly.

Lens calibration: Open the quick settings menu by double-tapping the controller’s PlayStation button. Then select Adjust Visibility.

Remember you can manually adjust the IPD using the scroll wheel on the top left of the headset.

Accessorise your PSVR2

120Hz Mode

PSVR 2 has what Sony calls a ‘Cinematic Mode’ whereby the VR headset can play normal PlayStation 5 games as well as video content. This mode activates automatically when non-VR content is played.

However, while VR games automatically run at 120Hz with HDR, non-VR content doesn’t, you have to manually switch it on. So here’s how.

Go to Settings>Accessories>PlayStation VR2>Cinematic Mode>Video Output. Then ensure both 120Hz output and HDR are checked.

Enable Sidetone

It’s lovely to be completely immersed in VR but there are times when you might want to know what’s going on around you. That’s where Sidetone comes in, using PSVR 2’s microphone to pick up sounds around you.

Go to Settings>Sound>Audio Output>Sidetone to activate it and make volume adjustments.

Controller Life

The PSVR 2 Sense Controllers only last for around 4 hours so getting as much out of each charge is vital. For hardware tips, here’s how to extend PSVR 2’s Controller Battery Life. But there are software settings you can change too.

Go to Settings>Accessories>General>Controller (General)>Vibration Intensity or Trigger Effect Intensity. These can then be reduced to conserve battery power.

Note: This will also affect the DualSense Controller as well.