No Mercenaries Mode for Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2

Among the tasty selection of PlayStation VR 2 launch games available to new owners was one exciting upgrade. If you happened to own Resident Evil Village for PlayStation 5, Capcom provided a free ‘VR Mode’ so you can play the campaign. However, as Capcom’s Kazuhiro Takahara mentions in a recent interview, Mercenaries Mode for Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2 isn’t happening.

In a Q&A with UploadVR, The Director of Resident Evil Village’s VR Mode, was quite blunt when asked about further DLC and Mercenaries support. Takahara simply said: “We do not have any plans at this time.”

Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2

Straight and to the point. If you’ve been enjoying Resident Evil Village’s VR mode that’s all you’re getting.

The likelihood is that bringing the campaign to VR made sense as a PSVR 2 selling point. But spending more time and effort adapting DLC and the ever-popular Mercenaries Mode just isn’t worth it. Especially if recent sales reports are anything to go by.

Takahara did have one positive thing to say about the VR adaption. He revealed that: “I can’t share exact numbers, but I have heard that a very large majority of PSVR 2 owners have played Resident Evil Village in VR.” Whilst that’s good to hear, it makes the lack of further support more of a shame.

However, the optimists among you may view the remark as an “it’s not a no”. To be fair, when Armature Studios released Resident Evil 4 VR for Meta Quest 2 that didn’t include the Mercenaries Mode, to begin with. So there’s always a chance, even if it is a long one.

Or maybe you’re waiting for the VR mode coming to the Resident Evil 4 Remake? It’ll be free like the Village DLC, but there’s no word on when it’ll arrive.

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