The Action Never Stops in EVERSLAUGHT Invasion for Quest 2 in April

MobX launched EVERSLAUGHT for PC VR headsets a couple of years ago. This action roguelike was clearly geared towards veteran VR players, due to its locomotion and gameplay style. In 2022, the developer revealed that a Meta Quest 2 version was on the way. Now called EVERSLAUGHT Invasion that launch happens later this month.

Teaming up with Fast Travel Games (Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game) for the Quest 2 release, MobX hasn’t yet confirmed a date for April. Just that it’ll be this month. As the launch approaches, the developer has released a brand-new narrative trailer. Giving players some idea about why they’re slaying all these monsters – as if they needed one.

Everslaught Invasion SCREENSHOT 8

Let the EVERSLAUGHT Invasion begin!

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion won’t be as pretty as its PC brethren due to the Quest 2 hardware. But it won’t be letting up on the gameplay experience. It’ll still feature high-action gameplay, most notably thanks to the arm-mounted grappling hook.

That tool is a key component of EVERSLAUGHT Invasion, allowing players to unleash devastating attacks on enemies. Additionally, it gives the gameplay verticality, being able to navigate the environment quickly and easily. Whether that’s to get out of trouble when surrounded, or looking for tactical advantage.

The high mobility makes for an exciting experience, however, one that isn’t best suited to those new to VR. Players can choose from one of three classes, the Warrior, Rogue and Vanguard, each with their own skills and gauntlet weapons.

The campaign can be played solo, or there is a co-op mode so you can team up with a friend. Great for complimenting each other’s skill sets.

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion arrives for Meta Quest 2 in April. You can see the new trailer which includes gameplay footage below. As further details are released, XR Source will let you know.