Tin Hearts New ‘Making of’ Documentary Arrives

Quite possibly one of the longest VR games in development, Tin Hearts is finally due to arrive this summer. Rogue Sun originally began development in 2016, and since then evolved the game to include flatscreen support. Now the team has released a Tin Hearts ‘Making of’ documentary giving an insight into the creation process.

In the first of what will be an episodic documentary series, episode one focuses on ‘What is Tin Hearts? If you’ve seen any trailers for the videogame then you’ll see similarities with the classic puzzle title Lemmings. Drawing inspiration from those lovely lemmings forever marching forward, Tin Hearts features small, robotic soldiers.

Tin Hearts

Who are the Tin Hearts?

These automatons are the creation of Albert J. Butterworth, a genius inventor from an alternate-timeline Victorian universe. As the Rogue Sun team detail in the opening episode, Tin Hearts is a puzzle adventure with soul. It is “a tale of family loss and redemption” featuring “love and compromise while you’re solving puzzles.”

Those puzzles come in numerous forms, but the core focus is on getting all the soldiers to the end goal. They only march forward, walking back the way they came if they encounter a flat solid object. So it is up to you to manipulate the environment, moving toys and other obstacles to alter their direction.

From picking up an angled block to turn them left or right to flinging them across tables, each level provides fun ways to play. Tin Hearts even draws inspiration from Rube Goldberg-style machines, where you can link several processes together for success.

Tin Hearts is coming to PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2 and PC VR this Summer. The PC, Nintendo SwitchPlayStation and Xbox editions will be available from 20th April 2023.

You can watch Episode 1 ‘What is Tin Hearts? below. Let us know what you think in the comments below.