Tin Hearts Leaps Onto PSVR 2 & Quest 2 This Summer

Back in January, Rogue Sun revealed that its upcoming narrative puzzler Tin Hearts would hit PC and consoles this April. However, there was no mention of the virtual reality (VR) version previously discussed. Thankfully, that’s still coming as Tin Hearts leaps onto PSVR 2, Quest 2 and PC VR this summer.

Originally designed for VR headsets, Tin Hearts has had a prolonged development period to include normal gaming platforms. The storyline is set in an alternate-timeline Victorian universe. A toy maker creates small tin soldiers that magically come to life.

In a similar fashion to games like Lemmings, the puzzles revolve around getting tiny automatons safely to an end goal. The soldiers can’t be interacted with directly, so you ensure they get over and under a variety of obstacles by manipulating the environment.

Tin Hearts

You’ll have to pick up items to block paths, make new ones and redirect the soldiers as smoothly as possible. All the while ensuring they don’t come to any harm from the various traps en route.

“Tin Hearts takes players on a magical journey, guiding tin soldiers through a trail of puzzles as you peel off the layers of its thought-provoking story. With the leap to VR players will be able to literally put themselves inside the experience,” said Kostas Zarifis, Managing Director at Rogue Sun in a statement. “We are proud to confirm that Tin Hearts will be coming to PSVR2, Meta Quest 2 and PC VR. Offering a uniquely immersive perspective on this charming Victorian world.” 

Tin Hearts is coming to PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2 and PC VR this Summer. The PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox editions will be available from 20th April 2023.

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