Oculus Publishing has 150 VR Games in Development

For a while now it has looked like Meta was killing off the Oculus brand it bought back in 2014. But this week, during GDC in San Francisco the company made an interesting announcement. Its third-party arm for VR game developers and co-publishers would be called Oculus Publishing.

The original Oculus Content Team was created in 2013 to help drive third-party virtual reality development. It is thanks to this support that many titles you know and love have come into existence, with hundreds of millions of dollars of funding. And it’s not just there to provide funding. Whether its conceptualization, game engineering, merchandising and more, the publishing team helps across multiple facets of game creation.

Oculus Quest Headset Oculus Publishing

Titles such as Among Us VRBonelabThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Blade & Sorcery: Nomad have all benefitted. Over 300 VR projects have received some sort of funding since the launch of the original Quest in 2019. Meta has also revealed that Oculus Publishing is currently aiding “another 150 titles in active development”. So VR fans have plenty to look forward to.

“Over $1.5 billion has been spent on games and apps, with 40 titles grossing more than $10 million in revenue,” notes a blog post. Further, the number of titles at the $20-million mark has doubled year over year.”

And while Oculus Publishing handles all the third-party content, Oculus Studios will still be there for all first-party content. Hence why Quest 2 has become the de facto platform for many content creators as there is support on offer.

Are you hyped to hear the news about Oculus Publishing and the 150 titles being developed? Is it no longer Meta vs Oculus anymore? Let us know in the comment below.