Soul Covenant Slams Onto Quest, PSVR 2 & Steam Tomorrow

Soul Covenant keyart

Like many of you, XR Source is a big fan of bold, brash, futuristic Japanese games. They have a design style and ethos that Western developers struggle to replicate. The latest to grace VR headsets comes from veteran team Thirdverse, with the action-packed Soul Covenant hitting PSVR 2, Meta Quest and PCVR headsets tomorrow.

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Asian Studios to Unleash VR Arcade Action in 2024

Brazen Blaze screenshot

Some of the most insane, action-packed videogames come from developers in Asia. Giant mechs, enormous overpowered weapons and ludicrous abilities, we love them all. This year VR fans are being treated to three exciting VR arcade action games from veteran VR studios in Japan and Korea, Soul Covenant, Strike Rush and Brazen Blaze.

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