The 7 Best VR Roomscale Games

Eye of the Temple image

Whenever you set up a VR headset you have to create a play space. That’s so you know where real objects like walls are so you don’t suddenly smack them. And most VR games use this area in some way. From giving you enough space to swing your arms to sidestepping a projectile. But how many actually maximise your allotted play area, or go one step further and make it seem much bigger than it is? That’s where these best VR roomscale games come in.

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The 7 Best VR Sports Games

Gym Class cover art

Almost everyone on the entire planet has a love of one sport or another. Whether that’s more commercial sports like football, extreme sports such as skydiving or more sedate pastimes like snooker. Plenty of those translate rather well into virtual reality (as if you didn’t realise). And so here are XR Source’s best VR sports games we think you should play.

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