The 7 Most Relaxing VR Games

Pillow image

We all live busy, stressful lives which makes the brief time we have to relax all the more important. Whether you’re watching a quick episode of your favourite TV show or casually wandering through the latest open-world adventure, we all have our own ways to unwind. VR can be a great facilitator of this, combining meditation practices with gaming. So for those needing a quick destress, here are some of the most relaxing VR games.

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Get Comfy, Pillow is a Game Designed to be Played Lying Down

Pillow MR Game keyart

Video games are inherently a relaxation technique. Yes, more challenging games such as Elden Ring can be stressful. And of course, many VR games require you to move around. Often a lot. But regardless, they remain escapism. A step aside from the trials of daily life. Pillow is set to take this one stage further. This is an MR game designed to be played lying down.

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