Get Comfy, Pillow is a Game Designed to be Played Lying Down

Video games are inherently a relaxation technique. Yes, more challenging games such as Elden Ring can be stressful. And of course, many VR games require you to move around. Often a lot. But regardless, they remain escapism. A step aside from the trials of daily life. Pillow is set to take this one stage further. This is an MR game designed to be played lying down.

Exactly how Pillow will play isn’t exactly known at present. Well, other that the fact that you’re supposed to be laying down. Developed by XR innovator Lucas Rizzotto, the game is set to launch today.

From what information XR Source could dig up, we know that the game will be playable in single-player or multiplayer with one other player. The official statement on Pillow adds the following:

“This is our app Pillow. It lets everyone do their favorite thing: lie down in bed all day (while enjoying a bunch of super dreamy mixed reality experiences designed for lying down in bed).”

This doesn’t explain all too much about what exactly the player will be doing. Aside from laying down, of course. However, the details offer continue as follows:

“It’s the first immersive app designed for laying down, and it’s coming this Thursday on the Quest Store.”

Pillow MR Game keyart

So we have confirmation then, that the game will launch on the Meta Quest Store today, 9th November, 2023. However, we have no details on price, nor headset compatibility. We can assume Pillow will run on the Meta Quest 3 and potentially the Meta Quest Pro. But how about the Meta Quest 2? I guess we’ll have to wait-and-see when the app goes live.

If you take the jump (into your bed) and download Pillow today, let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below!