Moss Developer Reveals Work on Multiplayer Game, Closed Beta Incoming

Moss developer Polyarc has today revealed that a new multiplayer title is in the works. What’s more, fans of the team can register their interest for an upcoming closed beta immediately.

Details on the project are currently thin on the ground. However as you can tell from the keyart on this very page, it’s highly likely that the game will exist within the award-winning Moss universe. The closed beta is limited to Meta Quest 2 at this time. However, Polyarc specify that ‘other VR devices’ will be incorporated in the future. Given the studio’s success on PlayStation VR and PSVR2, we’d very much expect these to become key platforms. Polyarc state there will be additional tests, so don’t rule out a PSVR2 event at some point down the line.

“We are happy to see that the audience for VR continues to grow, now counting in the tens of millions of players, with more user-friendly and accessible headsets being released every year,” said Tam Armstrong, co-founder and CEO, Polyarc. “As a game development studio that aspires to create games for everyone, we want to find ways to reach more of the audience within VR and even create space for new folks to join us there. With that in mind, the greater number of players gives us the opportunity to try ideas we have for multiplayer gameplay that can offer more to competitive players.”

Moss Developer Multiplayer Game

Moss Developer takes on Multiplayer VR

According to Polyarc, their unannounced project is something the team has been excited to develop for some time. Since the studio’s inception in 2015, in fact. However, the player base needed to grow large enough to support multiplayer games of this nature.    

“It’s apparent observing the community of players out there and receiving some of our own feedback that there are a lot of gamers in VR who are looking for and want to play more competitive multiplayer games,” said Armstrong. “We are excited about this opportunity, as VR offers interesting considerations for multiplayer games. The ability to read the other player’s focus and intention as they move their head and hands are some of the elements that make playing games in person so compelling. We are looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working on and the fun we’ve been having playing it.”

Moss developer Polyarc today opened playtest signups for a the competitive multiplayer game . You must be available to participate in the closed playtest taking place the weekend of 14th-16th April, 2023. And as stated above, you must use a Meta Quest 2 in this initial beta.

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