Tactical Shooter Breachers Hits Quest 2 in April

Meta Quest 2 has some good military-style shooters, such as Alvo, Onward, Contractors and Pavlov Shack. Soon there will be a new contender for players’ time, Triangle Factory’s Breachers. The team-based multiplayer is already to sideload on Quest 2, however, Breachers hits the official store in April.

Breachers’ core gameplay is built around two teams of five going head-to-head across a range of maps. Teams either have to defend or attack an objective, a bomb. Attackers need to infiltrate their opponent’s building, find the bomb and disarm it within the time period. As a defender players need to stop that happening by any means necessary.

Breachers hits Quest 2 gun

Breachers Features

Players won’t be going in empty-handed, of course. Alongside a selection of modern, powerful weaponry that’s customisable, they’ll also have access to useful gadgets. This includes drones to spy on enemies, the ability to rappel down walls, breaching foam and even cloaking devices.

As for the customisation options, whether you prefer pistols, shotguns, assault rifles or SMGs, you can tweak them all. Swap out different attachments to tailor each gun to your own player style.

One aspect of Breachers that should get fans of VR military shooters excited is the destructible scenery. Well, partially destructible. Players will be able to create new routes by blowing up walls and floors, bypassing defences in the process.

Not only that, but Breachers also features a Team Deathmatch mode. There’s no need to worry about objectives here, just both teams slaughtering each other to become victors.

Breachers is available to pre-order now for £22.99 GBP until launch on 13th April. If you pre-order before the launch date you’ll get a bonus, an exclusive Elite Jesper weapon skin for your pistol.

Will you team up with mates when Breachers hits Quest 2 next month? Let us know in the comments below.