Telescent Brings Remote Smells to VR Applications

China based startup Scentrealm Tech. Ltd., has revealed new technology to bring remote scent to VR applications. The telescent company claims to have the most advanced remote odor device in the world.

The project began in 2015, and by 2021 Scentrealm Tech. Ltd. owned more than 130 patents and had completed the coding of more than 3,000 basic smells. Telescent is the formation of all this innovation into a unique product for the enterprise market.

Scentrealm UAV

How Telescent Works

Real-time data is transmitted from a robot dog UAV to the cloud base station. Based on realtime geographical coordinates, Telescent broadcasts the corresponding environmental odors. Video and digital scent data can be captured from wherever the UAV goes, and is transmitted to the cloud in real time.

Telescent then broadcasts the digital scent based on the scent UAV’s real-time geographic coordinates. This results in a technology that allows for smell and odors to be transmitted and interacted with easily through Telescent devices.

“The transmission of digital scent is not limited by distance,” stated Huang Jianwei, founder and CEO of Scentrealm. “In the research section, students can experience the scent of various wild plants in the classroom, without leaving the classroom. Besides teaching and research, it will be applied to a variety of scenes in the future.”

Scentrealm Telescent UAV

Remote Scent Applications

Telescent offers numerous applications of Scentrealm’s technology.

In addition to education, industries such as medicine, tourism, virtual exhibition, ecommerce, video games, advertising and more will benefit from the advancement of smell technology. Users can stay indoors and experience a completely immersive audio-visual experience, even with digital scents they could never experience in their part of the world.