Cydream Reveals Battle Talent for Meta Quest, Demo Available

International developer Cydream has announced the upcoming launch of a new fantasy combat VR game, Battle Talent. Set to be available via Steam and SideQuest on Quest 2 soon, a demo version of Battle Talent is available to download now.

In the game, players will explore dungeons, defeat enemies, and acquire loot using muscle memory to get through challenging mazes. The game is designed to emphasise real-world movement, allowing players to become excellent warriors through repeated practice. According to Cydream, the game’s advanced physics will allow for high-speed attack animations, as well as particularly fast enemy actions. Fight for your life against goblins, skeletons and other fantasy tropes, building up your character with roguelite progression.

This all sounds very Swords of Gargantua right now. Minus the co-op, of course. However, the ace up Battle Talent‘s sleeve is it’s combat variety. Players won’t just have melee weapons at their disposal, but a wide variety of options including aerial combat, shooting, magic and more. Summon lightning or ice using your special skills, and unlock new abilities as you progress.

Battle Talent screenshot

Battle Talent to Benefit from Mod Support

An exciting feature included in the game will be mod support. There are nearly 1,000 mods available already for Battle Talent. Fans will be able to mod new weapons, spells, traps, NPCs, maps, and props into their game. Right now, you can add unique weapons inspired by TV shows and movies, new NPCs and even a Pepsi-themed gun.

The demo for Battle Talent is currently free on Sidequest and Steam . The full release for Meta Quest 2 is expected soon, though no official date has yet been confirmed. The game is already available via Oculus App Lab, however.

Are you planning on downloading the Battle Talent demo? Are you curious about the mod scene in VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!