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There’s Another X8 Closed Beta Test Incoming

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Apparently, the initial X8 beta test wasn’t enough. Thirdverse, Co., Ltd. has announced that it is seeking yet more fans of multiplayer hero shooters to test their skills in the second X8 closed beta test for its upcoming VR exclusive title.

The story of X8, if one was ever needed for a multiplayer hero shooter, is that a mysterious digital cataclysm has forced a reboot of all contemporary shooting games. Heroes from different FPS franchises find themselves crossing paths back to their common ancestor game engine. A little Wreck-It Ralph, then?

X8 promises to feature a diverse cast of heroes engaging in battle with unique abilities and weapons. Each hero has access to three abilities: Instant, Basic, and Ultimate, and their hero-specific items offer situational advantages.

Additionally, players can choose from an extensive range of weapons, armor, and items that are unique to their character. Before each battle round, players can customise each hero’s loadout and acquire dozens of abilities. Furthermore, players can use their funds from subsequent rounds to purchase additional armaments. Think Counter-Strike or the hugely underrated PC/Xbox 360 Shadowrun.

X8 Closed Beta – Part 2

Since the first closed beta test, Thirdverse has added several new features based on feedback from the community. In the upcoming closed beta test, players will once again team up in 5v5 combat. Each embodying one of a variety of distinct heroes who battle alongside and against each other. In addition, game credits will be distributed to VIP performers.

Dax Berg, Thirdverse VP of US Studios and Project Lead on X8, said: “We are incredibly excited to showcase our newest Beta build to our rapidly growing community. The dev team combed through all of the ideas from our initial testing session and based on these requests they have added several core new features and dozens of game polishing ideas. Player feedback is a top priority for us and this Beta session will be critical in determining the priorities of our production roadmap moving forward.” 

Players can apply for a chance to enter the X8 closed beta by completing the application form found on the #join-the-beta page here:

X8 is currently expected to arrive in Spring 2023, both on PC and Meta Quest 2. There has been no discussion of a PSVR 2 release at present.

Will you be jumping into the latest X8 closed beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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