Aces of Thunder PSVR2 Release Will Not be Free-to-Play

Gaijin Entertainment recently announced Aces of Thunder, a spinoff of the popular War Thunder military online action game, for PSVR2. Contrary to it’s inspiration however, Aces of Thunder will not be a free-to-play title. Instead, all aircraft that would be a part of this game or its future add-ons will be available immediately upon purchase, and the players will be able to apply cosmetic items to customise their planes.

Aces of Thunder will be focused on the legendary planes of World War II. These include the American fighter P-51 Mustang and British Spitfire, at first. Gaijin Entertainment promise that the future add-ons will also bring combat aircraft from other eras.

In Aces of Thunder, battles will always take place exclusively from the cockpit view. Players will have complete control over all flight systems. As a result, you’ll quickly learn to fly the aircraft ‘almost for real’, literally with your own hands.

All game modes will offer competitive online battles with other virtual pilots in different formats. These will include team versus team and single duels, with custom settings and more.

Aces of Thunder screenshot

Aces of Thunder on PSVR2

According to Gaijin Entertainment, the PSVR2 headset, with its high-quality, high-resolution OLED screen, motion sensing and eye tracking, and new controllers with haptic feedback and touch sensing, will allow players to perfectly experience the feeling of flying and fully immerse in the role of a combat aircraft pilot. Physically accurate flight and damage models, derived from the leading War Thunder military action simulation game, further enhance the believability of Aces of Thunder.

Aces of Thunder is being developed by a new in-house team at Gaijin Entertainment. This team includes members who have experience working on War Thunder. The game’s release date will be announced later, though there’s currently no sign of release on any formats other than the PlayStation 5‘s PSVR2.

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