X8 Freeplay Park Update Adds New Social Hub

VR hero shooter X8 has been doing well since its launch last year. The game has exceeded 500,000 downloads – a significant milestone for any VR exclusive – and has seen significant post-launch support from developers Thirdverse, Inc. Next on the roadmap however, is adding more social features, available now in the form of the X8 Freeplay Park update.

X8 New Hero: Xero screenshot

What is X8?

X8 is a PvP hero shooter designed exclusively for VR. You’ll join up in teams of five and head into the arena to do damage with a wide arsenal of weapons and unique abilities. The game launched in 2023 as a free-to-play product, with a keen eye on the tournament scene. Over the last year, it’s built a strong audience through adding meaningful updates and expansions, and avoiding any ‘pay-to-win’ mechanics.

X8 is available now for PC VR, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and PICO headsets. The game supports crossplay across all these formats.

X8 Freeplay Park Update

The headline addition of X8‘s latest update is the Freeplay Park. This new park area is the player’s social hub in X8, offering a space to hang out, meet new friends, and form custom games.

Players can engage in various activities, including learning and teaching game mechanics, participating in minigames such as time attack climbing challenges, knife throwing, and a shooting range, or practicing in the combat arena.

VR Hero Shooter X8 screenshot

Other New Additions

As always, Thirdverse aren’t stopping with one be new feature. A selection of other additions are also included, as detailed below verbatim from Thirdverse.

  • Streamlined Friend Adding: Simplified process for adding friends in-game with a single click from the team menu, making it easier to build an in-game community.
  • Splat Tags: Adding a splash of color and personalization to gameplay, Splat Tags are digital slime balls that allow players to leave custom stickers in the environment. These can be purchased in the X8 store or unlocked through the event calendar.
  • New Weapon – MONARCH: Introducing the MONARCH, a high-skill, semi-automatic weapon perfect for mid-spend rounds. It offers exciting possibilities to invest in armor or abilities.
  • Threat Levels Ranked Game Mode: Introducing “Threat Levels,” a pseudo-ranked game mode for demolition. Perform well and win games to increase threat rating, represented by a badge in the main menu, showcasing your skills.
  • Weapon Recoil and Sound Overhaul: In response to player feedback, Thirdverse has completely revamped the weapon and sound systems, offering a refreshed experience for veteran players and a better first impression for newcomers.
  • Enhanced Matchmaking System: Ensures that players are ready before joining a game, preventing AFK disruptions. This system ties into the new Threat Levels feature, creating a more competitive and balanced gaming experience. 

Are you an X8 fan? How do you feel about the latest update and social hub? Let us know in the comments below!