Anarchitects Becomes DigiGods

Keen followers of XR Source will surely remember our previous coverage of Anarchitects. It’s a game that proposes ‘limitless’ creativity, and thanks to exactly that its built up a keen following since its launch on Meta’s App Lab. However, there’s one thing about the game that seemingly hasn’t resonated with fans: the name. As such, Squido Studio has decided to rename the game to DigiGods.

Anarchitects Screenshot 2

Anarchy at Anarchitects

The game formerly known as Anarchitects is a creative physics based sandbox environment. Players can build experiences where you can shoot, parkour or simulate any type of gameplay you desire. Think Dreams, but for VR.

The game offers an intuitive drag-and-drop system and real-time multiplayer physics. Now known as DigiGods, the game has seen players creating intricate puzzles, zero-gravity team shooters, and board games. What’s more, the game features little to no loading times, so you can jump right into the action and start creating to you heart’s content.

Enter DigiGods

So why the name change? Well, according to Squido Studio, it’s based on community feedback. The team wanted to ‘ensure clarity’, suggesting that this new name is not only ‘easier to pronounce, spell, and say’ but also ‘better reflects the spirit of our game and community’.

Personally, I don’t feel that ‘Anarchitects’ was too much of a stretch to pronounce. But who am I to judge? If Squido Studio want their game to be known as DigiGods, then henceforth, it shall be.

What’s a DigiGod?

We’re going to assume that DigiGods is an abbreviation of ‘Digital Gods’. I don’t think we’re going to be too far off the mark here, as this does sum up the idea of the game pretty nicely. In this VR environment, you are essentially a god. Retooling the world and its rules however you see fit.

You can try it for yourself now via Meta App Lab. And don’t forget to let us know how you feel about the name change in the comments below!