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DO NOT OPEN Sequel OVRDARK Emerges onto Steam This Week

OVRDARK screenshot 1

Nox Noctis is gearing up for its next horror game launch. Called OVRDARK: A Do Not Open story, the title initially arrived for PSVR 2 back in March. A Steam launch was expected around that same time but instead got pushed back. Now the wait is over, with OVRDARK hitting Steam this week.


Before you get into OVRDARK: A Do Not Open story it’s worth noting that this is a sequel. In 2022 the studio released DO NOT OPEN, a short escape-room-style experience set within a creepy manor. You stepped into the shoes of Mike Goreng, a scientist whose wife and daughter are missing. But this is a warped version of his home, sensing something evil lurking in the darkness.

OVRDARK continues this narrative, however, this time you will face the malevolent presence of Mike instead. As George Foster, you’re an investigator and previous companion of Goreng, stepping back into the same mansion to face this now ruthless enemy.

Horror gameplay

Mixing intense atmospheric horror with puzzle gameplay, you must fearlessly explore the mansion, overcoming the challenges that await. The sprawling home features terrifying rooms containing twisted, elaborate puzzles. But you’re not alone, Goreng is wandering the hallways and you must avoid him at all costs. Evade his detection through stealth, ensuring you stay still and don’t make any sudden gestures to alert him.

OVRDARK Launch details

Depending on where you are in the world, OVRDARK: A Do Not Open story will either launch on 22nd or 23rd May 2024 on Steam. Here in the UK, Steam lists the launch date as Wednesday 22nd. Over on X, Nox Noctis lists the release date as Thursday 23rd at 12:00 AM (CEST Time).

Were you a fan of DO NOT OPEN? Looking forward to its sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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