Classic Puzzler Riven Confirmed for Meta Quest

A couple of months ago, Cyan Worlds confirmed the return of classic puzzler Riven. Being rebuilt for flatscreen and VR gaming, there was no confirmation regarding specific headsets other than the listing appearing on Steam. This week, Riven has appeared on the Metas Quest store, alongside a launch window.

Riven screenshot

Riven on Quest

When the original announcement occurred, we did assume that Riven would be coming to Meta Quest. It makes sense on two counts. Firstly, fellow 90s puzzle game Myst did very well on the platform, with plenty of decent reviews. As such, the follow-up will garner significant interest. Secondly, for a VR-compatible game to have any measure of success, it needs to be on Quest as PCVR isn’t what it once was.

So with Riven now listed on the Meta Quest Store, we now know it’ll support Quest 2 and Quest 3 – Quest Pro has been noticeably omitted.

The final piece of information is the ‘Summer 2024’ launch window. Cyan had previously only said this year. Now we know there’s maybe only a couple of months or so to wait.

A Riven Remake

If you’ve never heard of Riven don’t worry, it was originally released in 1997 after all. Cyan is completely rebuilding the game from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5, so visually it should look great on current systems. The original was an award-winning game, with Cyan stating that this remake expands the epic narrative beyond both Myst and the first Riven. So that’ should mean something new for everyone, even those who played the original.

The story finds you travelling to a mysterious island-filled land on the verge of collapse. Stepping into the shoes of Atrus, your goal is to find his wife, Catherine and make your escape. Of course, there are an abundance of puzzles and mysteries to solve before you do.

Riven 2024 gameplay

A modern remake requires modern controls. You’ll have free movement through a real-time 3D environment to explore every inch of each island, from dense, lush jungles to awe-inspiring caverns. We’ve not seen any gameplay footage yet, so exact specifics regarding the VR controls have yet to be detailed.

Expect “a gaming experience that stays true to the original while also expanding Riven’s world,” says Cyan.

Are you looking forward to Riven on Meta Quest? Let us know in the comments below.