Swarm 2 Gathers Around Steam This Summer

A couple of months ago, Greensky Games launched its anticipated action sequel Swarm 2 for Meta Quest. Part arcade shooter and part roguelike, the studio has confirmed a summer Steam release for Swarm 2.

Swarm 2 Screenshot-2

What is Swarm?

2021’s Swarm was an unapologetically frantic arcade-style grapple shooter that had you swinging through arenas blasting a myriad of drone enemies. That same gameplay and energy returned in Swarm 2, but with even more vigor and depth.

Swarm 2 added roguelike elements, encouraging players to complete runs against waves of enemies. From tiny drones to colossal bosses, blasting these to smithereens gives players Shards, the in-game currency to unlock new bonuses and abilities. There is a basic narrative where you fill the boots of Marv who’s trying to save the world. But you’ll soon forget all about that as the gameplay is so engrossing.

Swarm Review

XR Source reviewed Swarm 2 for Meta Quest back in March. It’s easily one of our favourite games of 2024 so far.

“With its bright, stylish visuals, pumping soundtrack and smooth grappling, there’s a lot to love here. It’s an exhilarating experience being able to launch yourself high into the air to then unleash a volley of bullets on the swarms below. So long as you don’t mind an early grind to get yourself suitably powered up, Swarm 2 is the biggest thrill ride you’ll play in VR this year!”

Swarm 2 Steam Launch

Greensky Games is set to launch Swarm 2 for PCVR headsets on this on 18th July 2024. The single-player game is available to wishlist now so you don’t forget.

Were you a fan of the original Swarm? Will you be picking up the PC sequel in July? Let us know in the comments below.