How to Cast Quest 2 to a TV 

Virtual reality (VR) gaming isn’t the solitary experience everyone thought it once was, especially on Meta Quest 2. Whether you’re in a multiplayer match, playing a single-player campaign or a local co-op game, if you’re in a room with others they can also enjoy the experience. If you’re new to Quest 2 and want to set this functionality up on your TV, the process is fairly straightforward. Here we run through a step-by-step guide. 

First steps 

Firstly, you’ll need one of two things. Either Google Chromecast or a Chromecast-enabled TV. You can pick up a standard Chromecast for around $30 USD on Amazon or the 4K version for $50. The latest models also come with Google TV as an additional bonus. 

Once you’ve got your Chromecast set up on your WiFi you’re ready to begin VR casting. 

Quest 2 on the big screen 

Step 1: Make sure your Quest 2 and TV are on, with the TV source selected to Chromecast. They should also be on the same WiFi network.  

Step 2: With the headset on, press the Meta button on the right controller to bring up the home menu. 

Step 3: You’ll then want to select the camera button, using either a controller or hand tracking.  

Cast Quest 2 - image4

Step 4: In the next window select the “Cast” option (it’ll be displayed next to “Take Photo” and “Record Video”). 

Cast Quest 2

Step 5: You’ll then be prompted to select which device to cast to. Select your Chromecast-enabled device (it’ll display the Chromecast name you chose on setup, like “Living Room TV” for example).  

Cast Quest 2

Step 6: You’ll get a confirmation message, and you should now see the feed from your TV. 

Cast Quest 2

Finally, to stop casting press the Home Menu button again, click the camera again and select the “Casting” button to end the feed.  

And that’s it. Now you’ll want to start casting all your games onto your TV to wow friends and family. Take a look at our 50+ free Quest 2 games list to help expand your gaming library. Or how about these Quest 2 games for VR beginners? There are also plenty of exciting VR games coming to the headset which you should check out.