Time Your Attack With New C-Smash VRS Features

After a PSVR 2 launch last year, C-Smash VRS is now available for most major VR headsets. Today, RapidEyeMovers and Wolf & Wood have released a brand new update adding New C-Smash VRS Features. The biggest of which is a Time Attack mode.

C-Smash VRS screenshot1

New C-Smash VRS Features

Today’s free update includes three key additions, a Time Attack Mode, Leaderboard Enhancement, and Feature Shortcut. As you’d expect from a time attack mode, this is all about smashing the most blocks within the time limit. The main aim to take your place in the monthly leaderboard. It also features a new Ken Ishii remix of Starstorm.

Regarding the leaderboard enhancement, you can now easily view the top 10 entries and filter to see your own position by selecting any leaderboard. Lastly, the shortcut means you can access new features and find online matches quickly with the new button on the main menu.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Practice Mode: Hone your skills with the endless practice mode, accessible from the single-player menu.
  • Teleport Movement Update: The teleport movement setting will now predict the ball’s trajectory and will move you into an optimal position for a clean hit.
  • Pause Time Setting (Single Player): Never miss the action with the new pause time setting for teleport movement, ensuring seamless repositioning in single-player modes.
  • Reduced Movement Option (Single Player): A new reduced movement setting, applying a higher “pull” strength to the ball for those who prefer a stationary playstyle.

A C-Smashing time!

The game is a VR reinvention of a SEGA Dreamcast classic Cosmic Smash, combining racket sports and action puzzle gameplay.

It is available now for PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2/3/Pro and PICO 4/4 Pro. A new 3rd person version C-Smash VRS – New Dimension releasing for PlayStation 5 late Summer 2024.

Are you a C-Smash fan? Let us know your thoughts on the new update in the comments below.