Max Mustard Heading to PCVR

The creators of the infamous Richie’s Plank Experience revealed their latest VR exclusive title, Max Mustard, last year. Since then, the game has made its debut on Meta Quest. Now however, Toast Interactive has also confirmed Max Mustard will launch for PCVR players, via Steam.

Max Mustard screenshot

What is Max Mustard?

Max Mustard is a made-for-VR platformer with a colourful art style. Think Lucky’s Tale, and you’re probably not too far off. Each of the 40 levels have been hand-crafted, and are their own unique adventure. They have been designed for intense gameplay and constant variety.

The plot sees an unscrupulous businessman, Stubbins, making an absolute fortune caging up and selling adorable animals, known as mudpups. He’s selling them as an elitist vanity product to the super rich. You and Max Mustard team up to save as many as you can.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, however. Along the way, you’re faced with a surprise dilemma when a friend reveals a secret about who they really are. They impose a question on you that impacts the fate of your worst enemy. How will you choose?

The game combines first-person power-ups and classic third-person platforming. And according to Meta Quest users, it’s an impressive mix.

Meta Quest Launch

Max Mustard launched for Meta Quest headsets last month. The game has been well received, with an 83% 5-star rating on the Quest Store.

Shortly after launch, the game received a significant update. Based on user feedback, Toast Interactive increased the resolution of the game on both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3.

“As requested, here’s our first update to Max Mustard with a whopping 54% resolution increase for Quest 3 and 6% for Quest 2,” Toast Interactive, Quest Store Update.

Max Mustard screenshot

Max Mustard for PCVR

For the PCVR edition of Max Mustard, we have very limited details currently. The edition has been announced and is available to pre-order via Steam, however no specific release date has yet been revealed. Also, we don’t yet know anything about the intended performance targets in relation to the Meta Quest version of the game.

Have you been playing Max Mustard? Are you excited for a PCVR edition of the game? Let us know in the comments below!