Contractors Showdown Meta Quest Battle Royale Commences Soon

Originally unveiled last summer, Caveman Studio’s Contractor Showdown held a series of open beta weekends during March. All in preparation for its launch, which we now have a date for. You’ll be able to enjoy Contractors Showdown battle royale gameplay later this month on Meta Quest.

Contractors Showdown screenshot 2

Contractors Showdown Date & Price

Contractors Showdown is set for release on 25th April 2024 for Meta Quest. Until that date, you can pre-order the game with a 10% discount. You’ll also get an exclusive Skill Issue skin pack featuring three different character skins, a weapon skin, and a weapon charm. Contractors Showdown is also listed on Steam with a Q2 2024 release window, but, as of now, there’s no confirmed PCVR launch date.

Contractors Showdown Gameplay

Set within the Contractors universe, the battle royale takes place over a huge 16 square kilometre map. Battles can consist of up to 60 people per match, set across a diverse landscape. Like most battle royale titles, players can choose to go it alone or team up with friends to increase their chances of success.

“Navigate the high-stakes arena using an array of tactical props, including airstrikes and UAVs,” Caveman Studio explains. “These game-changing elements elevate the intensity, offering players the opportunity to unleash powerful tools and outsmart their opponents. Plan your moves, coordinate with your squad, and deploy these strategic assets to dominate the battlefield.”

Gear up in Contractors Showdown

Now battle royale is complete with a serious arsenal of weapons and a decent perk system to engage players. Contractors Showdown features Pistols, SMGs, Automatic Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Frag Grenades, Rad Grenades, Flashbangs, Smoke Grenades, and more to annihilate the enemy. All are highly customisable to suit your gameplay style.

And then there are the perks and progression. Players can activate three types of perks during each match as well as earn resource points, unlock blueprints, fulfil unique contracts to deepen the experience.

Are you looking forward to the Contractors Showdown battle royale on Quest this month? Let us know in the comments below.