Project: Nightlight Brings the Fear in March

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it, VR is great for horror games. There are plenty to bring a chill to your spine, with Fringe Realities revealing today that Project: Nightlight is set to arrive in March.

The first VR game from the indie Australian team, Project: Nightlight is an atmospheric horror where you play a security guard. As everyone knows, guarding a scientific facility is no easy task, especially when there are dodgy experiments going on.

Whilst you’re on guard, a security breach occurs and it is up to you to investigate, ensuring the safety of The Artifact. However, there’s far more lurking in the darkness than empty desks and water dispensers. With your torch in hand, you’ll soon encounter shadowy figures that don’t appreciate a light being shone their way.

Project: Nightlight

Project: Nightfall mixes up action and puzzle mechanics as you uncover the creepy storyline. You’ll need to unlock safes, use your gun when needed and utilise gadgets to uncloak the creatures wandering the facility. You won’t be alone either. You’ll be guided by your distressed co-worker Dave over the walkie-talkie.

As you’d expect from a modern VR game, there’s plenty of interactivity as you explore the building. You’ll have to use blow torches and bolt cutters to get through secure areas.

Project: Nightlight will be available through Steam VR for PCVR headsets on 3rd March 2023.

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