Create Fiendish Challenges in the Taskmaster VR Creative Mode

One of the more unusual VR announcements of 2023 came from Scallywag Arcade, revealing a Taskmaster VR game was in development. Just like the popular TV show, it features hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne. But there’s more than just their eccentric tasks to complete. Scallywag has confirmed that Taskmaster VR will feature a ‘Creative Mode’ to build original tasks.

Essentially a custom sandbox feature set inside the Taskmaster House, players are given all the tools necessary. Slip into Alex and Greg’s shoes and get creative with hundreds of oddball objects and an arsenal of useful tools. Once players have finished their design, they can save and share to play locally. Great for a Taskmaster-themed party.

“I grew up playing creative games like Minecraft, and I love that if you give a player the right tools, we can let our creativity run wild and make stuff you never imagined! I’m really excited to see what people make with this,” said Scallywag Arcade developer Cory.

Taskmaster VR Creative Mode

Get creative

Taskmaster VR was only unveiled a few months ago and since then the team has seen a huge outpouring of requests for modding support. Scallywag also mentioned that they: “have been so inspired by all the stories our discord community have shared with us about Taskmaster parties they’ve thrown for friends and family.”

Like other VR games that include level editors and user-shareable content, the Taskmaster VR Creative Mode utilises all the fun toys the team employs in the main game. The team has even outlined future roadmap plans.

“Creative Mode 1.0 is an intentionally simple, minimalist feature – but it won’t always be that way. We have an exciting roadmap of updates that we’re excited to share with you over the coming weeks and months. We’re exploring new additions like enhanced sharing, more interactive objects and locations, crafting – and more, even more exciting things.”

Taskmaster VR is slated to arrive for Meta Quest and PCVR headsets on Steam in 2024. 

Are you a fan of the show? Have you already thought of one hundred different tasks? Let us know in the comments below!