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Genotype Accidentally Launched on PSVR 2 This Weekend

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You might think that videogames don’t just accidentally launch without the developers or someone knowing, right? Well, they do. Even well-oiled platforms like the PlayStation Store go awry from time to time – or someone hits that big red “publish” button (in our mind). And that’s exactly what happened this past weekend, with Bolverk Games’ Genotype launched on PSVR 2 earlier than planned.

The studio had scheduled the release for 6th April 2024. Instead, the sci-fi adventure arrived on Saturday, 23rd March. Needless to say, this has caused some issues. While the core game was ready to launch, there were a few smaller fixes Bolverk needed to address. These should be fixed in a hot patch no later than 6th April the team confirms.

You may have also noticed that the PlayStation Store presentation text was faulty, and some of the usual contents were missing. Those have now been sorted and the store should be working fine.

Furthermore, because the launch was two weeks ahead of schedule there aren’t any reviews. So don’t expect any for a little while yet. “It is unclear what happened to let players explore the abandoned research facility in Antarctica two weeks sooner than planned,” said Bolverk in a statement. “But fans should be delighted to take on many monsters and bosses, considering the game recently received a rather large combat update.”

Genotype on PSVR 2

Genotype is a sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) where you play as Evely, an intern at an Antarctic weather station. When Evely goes out on a routine expedition, she falls through the ice into the mysterious Snowdrop Initiative laboratories. She finds the facility overrun by monstrous beasts as well as its last human survivor, William. With his help, she can save them and the planet.

The action mechanics in Genotype revolve around you being able to “print” creatures to use as weapons. You can then upgrade your creatures’ DNA to enhance their capabilities and customize your GRAID gloves to increase your survival chances. You can also transform into other beings to move through vents, and use them as tools to clear environmental obstructions.

As mentioned, Genotype recently received a huge combat update, which the PSVR 2 edition also benefits from. This added more weaponized creatures, a new upgrade system, new enemies, improved combat spaces and more.

Did you buy Genotype for PSVR 2 this weekend? What do you think of the game so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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