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Tropico Brings Dictatorial City Building to Meta Quest

Tropico Keyart

There have been some fantastic new VR games landing this month. But March still has some surprises in store, like Feral Interactive announcing that Tropico is coming to Meta Quest.

The long running city builder and political sim will hit Quest on 28th March 2024. It’ll be a VR port of 2011’s Tropico 4, with Feral Interactive handling the development. Which means it’ll feature Tropico 4’s 20-mission campaign as well as its post-launch content. This includes the Modern Times expansion, adding 12 more mission, new buildings, edicts and a Cold War to 21st Century narrative.

Then you have the ten smaller DLC packs with new missions, buildings, islands and more. Pushing the entire package to over 40 missions! Additionally, you’ve also got a sandbox mode to explore. So there should be plenty of content to get stuck into.

Tropico Gameplay

The Tropico series has always offered is own unique brand of city building. You become ‘El Presidente’ a dictator who rules over a Caribbean banana republic. It’s up to your firm but guiding hand to turn this slice of paradise into a budding superpower and industrial powerhouse.

Controlling all aspects of daily life, you’ll manage construction and jobs, alongside the military and foreign affairs. Dictators always need to stay in power so you’ll have to way voters through slick electioneering. Or rerun the ballot if things don’t go your way. All with a satirical twist, of course.

This will be Feral Interactive’s first foray into VR. So it’ll be interesting to see how Tropico on Meta Quest turns out. The game has some competition in the VR space, with the likes of Little Cities and Islanders: VR Edition.

Are you a fan of the Tropico series. Think it’ll port well into VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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