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It’s Almost Time to Enter The Twilight Zone on PSVR 2

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VR publisher Fun Train is well known for its episodic games. While The Exorcist: Legion VR has been its most popular title, 2022’s The Twilight Zone VR also employed this storytelling method. Originally released for Meta Quest, The Twilight Zone VR will be making its way to PSVR 2 very shortly.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), Fun Train revealed that The Twilight Zone VR hits PSVR 2 next Tuesday, 19th March. This new edition features several enhancements. Enhanced graphics, new haptics and gameplay upgrades are all listed. However, no further details have been provided on their specifics.

On the graphics side, Fun Train may have employed PSVR 2’s eye tracking to utilise foveated rendering techniques. Haptics will likely refer to the in-headset haptics or those found in the Sense controllers. As for the gameplay upgrades, we’ll have to wait and see.

The Twilight Zone on PSVR 2

A relatively short VR experience split across three chapters, the game aims to evoke that same sense of mystery as the iconic TV show.

“We invite you to face your fears in a disturbing and mind-bending series of adventures… all taking place within The Twilight Zone,” the synopsis explains. “This game features elements of stealth, escape mechanics and narrative twists. Unlock secrets to enable new modes inspired by the classic series.”

The first story in The Twilight Zone VR is ‘Character Building’ where a video game director discovers that workplace cruelty is a dangerous game. The second story “Terra Firma” features a tale where one survivor of an environmental apocalypse must fight mysterious phantoms as he searches the city ruins for a glimmer of hope. Lastly, there’s “Deadline Earth where: “The clock is ticking for a science fiction writer who finds himself captive on an insidious alien vessel. What are their true intentions?”

With less than a week to go until launch are you looking forward to The Twilight Zone’s arrival? Let us know in the comments below.

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