Voxel Adventure cyubeVR Heads to PSVR 2 in March

In 2018, Stonebrick Studios released cyubeVR, a voxel-based adventure for PCVR headsets. It has been in early access on Steam ever since. But this weekend, Stonebrick announced that cyubeVR would be leaving the confines of Steam, with a PSVR 2 launch arriving later this month.

From the outset, cyubeVR has been a creative block-building sandbox that most will quickly compare to Minecraft. It drops players into an infinite procedural world where they can explore, collect resources and craft whatever they like. As it was designed specifically for VR, cyubeVR doesn’t feature any UI, menus or buttons for crafting, just build with your hands.

cyubeVR screenshot 2

cyubeVR on PSVR 2

The PSVR 2 release will build upon Stonebrick Studios’ years of development whilst making use of the headsets’ particular features. Built using Unreal Engine, the PSVR 2 edition of cyubeVR will boast 8K textures and eye-tracked foveated rendering to ensure the best quality visual experience. “cyubeVR would simply not have worked on PSVR2 without dynamic foveated rendering,” the studio notes.

Players will also get to enjoy PS5 mod support. Thus allowing them to download and install community-created blocks in the game directly. It offers a large fully destructible and modifiable world with a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle, which should give players endless hours of entertainment.

In addition to the open-world nature of cyubeVR’s sandbox, there’s also a long, linear list of objectives that guide you through the whole progression of the game. Great for those either just starting out on their adventure or for those after a more curated experience.

cyubeVR will be available for PSVR 2 from 16th March 2024. You can see the game in action in the new trailer.

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