PSVR 2 Trophies: Akka Arrh

Previously released in flatscreen form, earlier this month LLamasoft and Atari gave Akka Arrh a PSVR 2 makeover. A game that “transcends its 2D constraints, unveiling a new dimension of gameplay that is as immersive as it is intuitive,” Akka Arrh serves up a visual feast for the eyes. And for those completionists out there, here are all 21 PSVR 2 Akka Arrh trophies to collect on your PlayStation 5.

Akka Arrh screenshot1

Akka Arrh PSVR 2 Trophies


  • Student – Play through tutorial levels
  • Ultra Golfer – Get a wHOLE in none
  • Maestro Austin – Survive an octave


  • Maestro Virtuoso– Reach the octave with 16 pods
  • Golfer – Get a hole in one
  • Maestro Baughurtst piano wizard – Reach the octave with 16 pods in HARD mode
  • Completist – Play from level 0 to the end
  • Multiplicity – Raise the bonus multiplier to 2.0 or more
  • Handy – Start a level with at least 100 bullet
  • Score BlimeyGet 100 million points or more
  • Halfway – Get to level 24
  • MMM Egg! – Activate the Egg toggle


  • Atarian – Activate Atarification Mode
  • Rinsed – Finish the game
  • Caned – Finish the game in HARD mode
  • Anorak – Play from level 0 to the end in HARD mode
  • Hoarder – Start a level with at least 500 bullets
  • Rush! Rush! – Hold speed multiplier at 2.0 or more for 3 levels
  • Squeaky Bum – Arrive at the octave with 1 pod
  • Very Bully – Get 1000 bullets


  • Excellent – Obtain ALL the trophies

And there you go, that’s the full selection of PSVR 2 trophies for Akka Arrh. Afterwards, once you’ve completed all of them, you might want to check out all the other PSVR 2 trophies available in the PlayStation VR 2’s rapidly expanding library of video games. Or maybe take a look at XR Source’s Best PSVR 2 Tips & Tricks and our guide to Essential PSVR 2 Accessories.