Swarm 2 2024 Roadmap is Feature Packed

This week saw Greensky Games launch its anticipated arcade action sequel Swarm 2 for Meta Quest. It drops players in worlds where they have to continually grapple and swing around the environment whilst shooting enemies. But there’s more coming, with a Swarm 2 2024 roadmap laying out the studios’ plans.

The roadmap indicates that Greensky expects to release new content every couple of months. Even better news is that all of it will be free DLC! So for Swarm 2’s first year, the studio has the following planned:

  • March – Basic QoL improvements
  • May – A Quest 3 graphics update bringing 90/120Hz support
  • July – Adding 10 new maps to the Arcade mode, Freeroam Reces Leaderboards and more
  • September – A new melee weapon and Zip attack enhancements
  • Winter 2024 – To be revealed…
Swarm 2 DLC Roadmap

Swarm 2 2024 Roadmap

So that sounds like a promising roadmap if the team can keep you on the schedule. As XR Source found in its review of Swarm 2, it offers: “bright, stylish visuals, pumping soundtrack and smooth grappling,” making it the: “biggest thrill ride you’ll play in VR this year!”

Taking what the team learnt from the original Swarm back in 2021, for the sequel they’ve introduced roguelike elements. Across an 18-level campaign, the core levels are procedurally generated with additional Race and Boss levels thrown in. You have to kill waves of enemies using an assortment of weapons, combining them with perks gained at the end of each level. You have to collect purple Shards along the way. Because when you die (and you will), these Shards are used as currency to purchase upgrades.

Additionally, there are more new features too. Including a city free-roaming mode, an endless Challenge mode and auto PvP challenges.

What do you think of the Swarm 2 2024 roadmap? Think there’s enough new content to keep you entertained? Let us know in the comments below.