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VR Gaming in Bed? Meta Quest Adds a Lying Down Mode

Meta Quest 2 player

For the most part, VR gaming is generally considered to be quite physical and energetic. Whether you’re jumping around in a rhythm action game or frantically trying to reload a gun manually, movement is a key part. But there are times when we all want to sit back and relax after a long day, maybe even enjoy a game session in bed. Devices like Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck are perfect for this, but what about VR? Meta has the answer, rolling out a new update for Quest featuring a ‘lying down’ mode.

Part of Meta Quest’s next v63 software update, the experimental mode will allow you to reorientate your view 90 degrees upward. This means seated apps and games – especially titles like Cubism and Puzzling Places – can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your bed or recliner. This won’t be suitable for all games, but for those more casual experiences, you now have a new comfort option.

All you need to do is visit the Experimental Settings tab in your Settings menu and look for “Use Apps While Lying Down.” As usual, the update is gradually being rolled out so you may have to wait to see this feature appear. The only caveat seems to be support is only listed for Quest 2 and Quest Pro. There’s no mention of Meta Quest 3 supporting the mode, which is unusual.

Meta Quest v63

The v63 update will also introduce Quest Cash. Described as “a convenient new payment method for games and other purchases on the Meta Quest Platform. Quest Cash can be bought, gifted, and requested, and is stored on your account.”

While you can use Quest Cash to send a friend a birthday gift, its primary purpose seems to be for parental control. Parents can monitor and budget their teens’ spending, letting them buy anything they have access to.

Currently, nothing else has been listed in the forthcoming update. However, a closer look at the above image supplied by Meta shows an ‘Airplane Travel Mode’ and ‘External Microphone’. The former we’ve known about since January. But the latter is new, allowing external mics to be used. Could they be in v63? We just don’t know.

While you await v63 to hit your Quest, you could always check out Pillow. Created by indie developer Lucas Rizzotto, it is an MR game designed to be played lying down.

Are you looking forward to playing Meta Quest lying down? Is it a feature you never knew you wanted? Let us know in the comments below.

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