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Make Your Own Virtual Arcade Paradise in Your Living Room This Spring

Arcade Paradise VR keyart

Home arcade machines are a great addition to any gamer’s collection if you’ve got the space. But when there’s no chance of fitting a Pac-Man cabinet in, solving the issue is Arcade Paradise VR. In the upcoming VR port of Nosebleed Interactive’s 2022 flatscreen title, the developer has confirmed mixed reality support. So building your own virtual arcade paradise shouldn’t be an issue.

We’ve known about Arcade Paradise VR for a while now. The studio previously said that this edition would feature 39 playable arcade cabinets. As this is a Meta Quest exclusive, players will be able to enjoy some mixed reality functionality. Rather than walking around a virtual arcade, instead, you can place cabinets in your own environment.

Whether that’s your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even your garden. You’ll essentially be able to turn any space into an arcade centre.

A virtual Arcade Paradise

Just like its flatscreen cousin, Arcade Paradise VR is an arcade management sim. Set in the 90s “in the rundown town of Grindstone, you play as Ashley, a rebel teenager going against your father’s wishes to continue the family business. Get hands-on managing the fully gamified day-to-day tasks, from manually picking up gum, doing the laundry, and scrubbing a toilet perfectly clean.”

But that also means ordering new machines and setting high scores to help drive profits higher. Of the 39 machines available, 12 will be fully realised VR cabinets alongside 27 traditionally controlled games from the original.

Furthermore, Nosebleed Interactive has noted a Spring 2024 release window for Arcade Paradise VR on Meta Quest. Unfortunately no specific release date just yet. You can see the new mixed reality feature in action here.

Will you be utilising Arcade Paradise VR‘s mixed reality feature set? Let us know what you think of the announcement in the comments below!

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