Astro Chef Cooks up a Storm in March

There are some great cooking titles out there for all you budding VR chefs. The latest to serve up its own brand of tasty treats is Astro Chef by Lion Castle. Appearing on Meta Quest’s App Lab in February, the sci-fi cooking experience is now gearing up for a March launch on SteamVR.

In this culinary puzzle solver you take over your uncle’s space diner, a restaurant that’s seen better days. With no prior knowledge of cooking, alien clientele, or how to wield futuristic kitchen tools, it’s an adventure of gastronomic discovery. 

Due to your cosmic location and clientele, your list of ingredients and the food you serve are far from ordinary. Through experimentation with these alien ingredients and assistance from a trusty scanner tool, you can unravel the tastes and preferences of your customers. The main goal being to restore the diner’s former glory.

Astro Chef screenshot 05

Get Astro Cheffing

Astro Chef has a core single-player campaign across five themed chapters. You’ll quickly learn your way around the kitchen and its myriad of tools. All helping you to slice, dice and blend a cocktail of ingredients together. This being a made-for-VR game, your kitchen is highly interactive, so you can experiment to your heart’s content.

If you prefer cooking to be a more social experience then it can be! There’s a co-op party mode where one player takes on the role of chef within the virtual kitchen while the other player provides support offline with the Kitchen Manual and Intergalactic Cookbook. Very much in a similar vein to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Astro Chef is available now for Meta Quest, retailing for $19.99 USD. The Steam edition launches on 14th March 2024. Developer Lion Castle has also confirmed that PSVR 2 and Pico editions are in the works.

Are you looking forward to this new cheffing experience? Or do you already have a favourite like Cooking Simulator VR? Let us know in the comments below.