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The Best VR Mini Golf Game is Preparing an Icy Lair

Walkabout Mini Golf Ice Lair1

If you love the joy of mini golf as well as VR, then Walkabout Mini Golf is the place to be. It’s a fun-filled selection of 18-hole courses that’s about to get even bigger! Developer Mighty Coconut has just announced the next DLC, giving players a very frosty reception in Ice Lair.

The 25th course for Walkabout Mini Golf, Ice Lairs is the second part of the “Evil Lairs” DLC series. As you can probably tell, the theme is based on classic evil villain tropes. This time around it’s the headquarters of a former scientist mastermind, home to her colony of puffin henchmen intent on perfecting their freeze-ray technology. The only way to stop them, play an awesome round of mini golf, of course!

Walkabout Mini Golf “Ice Lair”

Like previous courses, Ice Lair is comprised of 18 easy and 18 difficult holes to complete. And let’s not forget about the Fox Hunt from which you can unlock a special putter as a reward.

Additionally, the DLC will offer several new gameplay mechanics. These include Freeze Rays, which turn the golf ball into an ice cube, ice on the green which balls can slide over, being able to bounce frozen balls over obstacles and barriers, and heat pads to thaw the frozen balls.

You’ll be accompanied around all the courses by the delightfully cute (yet evil) penguins. There will also be lots of other chilly themes to spot, and even an orca whale that’s rideable.

Walkabout Mini Golf “Ice Lair” will be available for PSVR 2, Pico 4, Meta Quest, and PCVR headsets from 7th March 2024. If you’re a Meta Quest+ subscriber Walkabout Mini Golf is now part of the Games Catalog.

Are you a VR mini golf fan? Have you collected all the courses so far? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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