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The Void Lounge: Eat, Drink and Game in VR

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Location-based entertainment (LBE) company The Void has been in stasis for several years now after a well-documented crash. But recently it has been teasing a comeback by dropping the odd hint and video here and there. The latest to arrive shows the company showcasing a very different idea, Void Lounge.

Back in its heyday, The Void locations provided impressive 4D, multisensory experiences like Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire and Jumanji: Reverse the Curse. These premises were generally very large, with waiting areas, areas to suit up, as well as the main VR experience floor. Big and costly to run.

Void Lounge, on the other hand, is a far more compact solution that can employ both VR and mixed reality (MR). Inside the ‘Lounge’ which can accommodate 2-6 people there is seating, a table and a range of effects. So just like before, fans will blow wind, there will be heat coming from above, haptics built into the table and even scent.

Step into the ‘Lounge’

From the early trailer that’s been released, Void Lounge will utilise HTC’s Vive XR Elite headsets to provide MR and VR capabilities. Guests will also be able to wear haptic vests to further increase the sensory experience. When it comes to the games on offer, The Void will offer ‘custom-built experiences’ but hasn’t specifically mentioned genres or how many will be available. There is a paintball-style game in the video which looks fun though.

“This multi-sensory VR table environment allows participants to eat, drink, and engage in interactive virtual worlds, offering an unparalleled blend of social interaction and immersive gameplay. It began as an exploration of how we can use our platform in new and different ways, but we soon saw its potential for, well… a ton of fun,” says Curtis Hickman, co-founder and CCO at The Void. “The Lounge is currently still in development, but early reviews of the prototype have surpassed my expectations.”

Alongside choosing what games to play, guests will be able to select food and drink items without taking the headset off. So you never have to leave the game during your play session. Furthermore, each ‘Lounge’ can be networked to provide venues with larger multiplayer opportunities!

Like the look of Void Lounge? Let us know your impressions in the comments below.

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