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VR Classic Proton Pulse Now Available for Apple Vision Pro

Proton Pulse screenshot 1

There aren’t many VR games pre-2016 that have managed to live on. Those early ideas have been superseded as VR technology has improved. However, one that has survived is Proton Pulse, with developer Justin Moravetz porting the game to Apple Vision Pro.

When we say Proton Pulse is a VR classic we mean it. Moravetz developed the game for the Oculus Rift DK1 headset back in 2013, releasing the demo on Oculus’ forum. He then brought the game to most early VR headsets including Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go and others.

So it’s great to see a game of this vintage – and one many probably don’t remember – get a new lease of life. Furthermore, unlike games such as Synth Riders which have had to adapt to Apple Vision Pro, Proton Pulse has stayed true to its VR roots.

Proton Pulse Gameplay

The gameplay is based on arcade brick-breaking action, VR pong if you will. Moravetz utilised gaze-based movement so players only needed to adjust their heads to move the virtual paddle. This simplicity of control has benefited Proton Pulse and undoubtedly led to its longevity. With no controllers being required or any modern features like eye or hand tracking, it’s highly adaptable to new devices.

Which makes it perfect for Apple Vision Pro. Just like in those early Oculus days, Moravetz’s game is once again a VR pioneer but for Apple’s spatial computer.

Other developers are looking to bring their VR games to the headset. This includes Owlchemy Labs who recently confirmed plans to bring its VR games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator to the headset. While this will likely use hand tracking, expect to see more VR developers figure out the best ways to port titles to Apple’s controller-less device.

Have you purchased an Apple Vision Pro? Will you give Proton Pulse Vision for $6.99 USD a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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