Medieval Dynasty New Settlement Begins its Meta Quest Adventure in March

Spectral Games revealed plans to bring Render Cube’s PC game Medieval Dynasty to VR a couple of months ago. Called Medieval Dynasty New Settlement, the studio has confirmed a March release date for Meta Quest.

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement will be available on the Meta Quest Store from 28th March 2024. Supporting Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, you can pre-order the game now with a tasty discount. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to an exclusive pre-order bonus, the ‘Hunter Skin Pack’ for your basic tools.

This wraps your tools in some nice red livery – red banding around your axe and spear and a bow strung in red. Plus the bladed portions of the tools will feature an era-specific etched design.

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement Screenshot3

Medieval Dynasty on Meta Quest

Just like its flatscreen cousin Medieval Dynasty New Settlement is a mixture of simulation, role-playing and exploration set in a medieval landscape. You’re tasked with founding a thriving settlement during a very dangerous era, hoping to build a lasting dynasty.

Construction of buildings, cooking, crafting, hunting and cultivating fertile fields are all part of daily life. However, unlike the flatscreen version, in VR things are slightly more physical. You’ll till the fields to ensure healthy crops, fight bandits that try to raid your settlement and hunt your next meal with a bow. There are also adventures to be had, quests to complete, challenges to overcome, and hidden treasures to find.

You’ll encounter characters with unique personalities and stories, forging alliances or rivalries that influence the course of your settlement’s destiny. 

For fans of the original game, Medieval Dynasty New Settlement features a new story and never seen before map. Creating a reason to step into this immersive edition.

Will you pick up the Medieval Dynasty VR edition for Meta Quest next month? Let us know in the comment section below.