Blacktop Hoops Slamdunks onto Quest & PCVR This Spring

Just like Ghosts of Tabor, the early access launch of Blacktop Hoops has done exceedingly well. Released for Steam and Quest (via App Lab) in April 2022, the game has received thousands of positive ratings! Now developer Vinci Games has announced that Blacktop Hoops will be leaving early access this Spring.

No specific date has yet been set for either platform. It is another positive step for VR games that utilise early access to build their community whilst fine-tuning the gameplay ahead of an official launch.

Vinci Games says that over 800,000 players have downloaded the game on Quest App Lab and Steam. App Lab alone has over 14,000 reviews, giving it an almost perfect 5-star rating. So the studio must be doing something right.

Blacktop Hoops screenshot3

Blacktop Hoops keeps scoring

Featuring both solo and multiplayer modes, in the campaign you face off against streetball legends. Visit courts around the world, located in cities like Oakland, Los Angeles, New York and Athens and rise to become a b-ball legend. Or face off against other players, in PvP and co-op modes. Climb the ranks with your crew in competitive ranked 4vs4 full-court matches or just enjoy some casual games in the public parks. Enjoy the experience as seriously or as casually as you like.

Blacktop Hoops wouldn’t be where it is without its ball-handling gameplay. As an arcade-style VR basketball game, you can pull off insane dribble combos, break ankles, sink impressive shots, and unleash jaw-dropping dunks. So you get a nice mix of hybrid arcade and simulation mechanics.

Blacktop Hoops is set to officially arrive for Meta Quest and PCVR headsets on Steam in Spring 2024.

Are you already a fan of Blacktop Hoops, or have you yet to try the basketball game? Let us know your impressions in the comments below.