Beat The Beats Thumps onto PSVR 2 Soon

There seems to be a lack of rhythm-action games of late. Thankfully, to fill that void is Parallel Circles’ Beat The Beats. The studio has just announced that the rhythmic boxing game is set to hit PSVR 2 in February. Whilst also confirming a Meta Quest edition is in the works.

Beat the Beats is a boxing game where you’ll use moves like crosses, rolls and uppercuts to blast your way through a series of electrifying musical levels. Whilst working up a sweat you’ll accrue points to climb the global leaderboards and maybe unlock new genres and B-sides.

There will also be daily challenges to keep you motivated and coming back for more. The team has gone for a minimalist, colourful design that keeps the intensity flowing without being too distracting.

Beat The Beats screenshot2

Beating the beats

This will be Parallel Circles’ first official VR game. The small team based in the UK and Spain previously made Asics, a VR runner game for a Japanese client. All their other projects have been ports or assistance in flatscreen titles for consoles and PCs.

Key features:

  • Learn natural boxing moves like jabs, hooks, uppercuts, rolls and blocks!
  • Get moving with a workout that doesn’t feel like work! 
  • Compare your skills in global leaderboards and beat daily challenges!
  • Unlock new genres and B-sides!
  • A fun, immersive experience with plenty of depth for the dedicated rhythm champion!

Beat The Beats arrives for PSVR 2 on Tuesday 27th February. The Meta Quest edition is expected to arrive later this year. There’s also a Steam version in the works. No date for that just yet but PCVR owners do have a free demo to try.

Are you looking forward to another rhythm-action game? Think it could make our best VR rhythm action games list? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.