Latest The Foglands Patch Addresses Enemy AI Issues and More

It’s safe to say that Well Told Entertainment’s The Foglands didn’t quite meet expectations. The game originally appeared during a PlayStation showcase and looked like an exciting roguelike. It wasn’t, offering a rather dull FPS experience instead. But Well Told aims to fix those issues, announcing a new patch for The Foglands.

Patch 1.0.3 has just been released for the PSVR 2 edition of The Foglands. Based on player feedback, the update includes improvements to enemy AI, enemy encounters, and subtle wayfinding aids. The “I do” and “Such Sweet Sorrow” PlayStation trophies are now also accessible.

You can find the full patch notes here. Some more key takeaways are:

  • Time Slow fixes allowing for smoother bullet time
  • Updated enemy spawning and level layouts in select Fringe and Barrows rooms
  • Player height improvements for VR mode.
    • ‘Seated Mode’ – based on optimal character height (can be seated or standing in this mode).
    • ‘Standing Mode’ – based on player height. 
  • Player controller scheme polish to improve aiming in FPS mode
  • Player grenade throwing improvements
  • Fixed issue with player having to beat final boss fight twice at end of game
The Foglands screenshot1

Patching The Foglands

As mentioned, these improvements are currently only available for the PDVR 2 edition. Well Told Entertainment notes that: “We will be following up with the Quest 2 and Quest 3 patch in a few weeks.”

As for what’s next, the team is planning further AI Improvements and difficulty balancing, continued room layout improvements, loading room layout improvements and more enemy encounters.

Hopefully, this patch will go some way to improve The Foglands experience. As XR Source said in its review: “Unlike exciting roguelikes such as Yuki, The Light Brigade, In Death or Compound, The Foglands manages to make the genre dull and lifeless. The action isn’t exciting, the enemy AI offers no challenge and there is a myriad of issues that need to be addressed.”

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